A childhood dream, that I need advice to pursue

After rereading this thread a lot has happened in a year.

So a year in review. I am still strongly considering attending ATP. I have since then acquired my PPL at 40hrs, and currently sitting on 110 hours TT. I’ve done quite a bit of recreational flying, mainly because I love flying. I shouldn’t have any issues getting financed for ATP. My only concern is finishing up my degree. Though, with my perseverance, that shouldn’t be an issue. I created another post on the forums asking about that topic!


Congratulations on the PPL! That is a great accomplishment (especially at 40 hours), you are officially on your way to becoming a professional pilot :slight_smile:


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Thank you! I’m excited to continue my training. I have failed to inform you guys later than sooner. I passed my PPL checkride back in June of last year, and have been doing a bit of flying since. I completed my PPL in a couple days over 2 months. I loved the high intensity and consistent training. This allowed me to complete my certificate at the 40hr minimum and solod at 7! I think for this reason ATP would be a great fit. That would be full time and I wouldn’t have the Army obligation anymore.