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Hi everyone,

After reading a couple of topics and posts i signed up to see if anyone wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for me. I took an intro flight a few years back and loved it. I tried to get approved for the loan to go to ATP and couldnt manage it at the time. Since then, ive celebrated my 30th birthday, had 2 kids, married, and moved into a new townhouse. Im not loving my current career and remembered that awesome time flying. I was wondering if im too old to seriously pursue this dream? Is it possible to do it part time? Is the starting pay once you begin to fly for an airline reasonable to support a family?Ive seen some pretty honest answers on here so please dont hold back. I cant imagine anything better than flying around the world for a living, but maybe ive missed my opportunity in life.


Welcome to the forum, the age question is commonly asked. I recommend checking this thread posting by Adam along with the others in FAQ section:

Furthermore, training at ATP part-time does not exist, there are only two programs: “Zero-to-Hero” and “Credit Private.” The training you receive at ATP is accelerated for what would take a 4-year University/Academy into 7-months…can’t beat that timing elsewhere.

The industry is constantly changing, who knows what they pay may hold in 2-3 years if you started training tomorrow, right now things are trending upwards slowly, but surely. There are Regionals out there paying almost a FO at a Major/LLC airline. Though Chris’ article is a few years dated, it still holds truth into what airline pilots make. Realize that during your time building job, you won’t be paid the “best” of salaries, it’s an entry-level job for a reason


Thank you so much Brady. I really appreciate such a fast a thorough reply

Id say go for it, Life is about taking those leaps for dreams. It may be difficult trying to juggle but it will be worth it :smiley:

I’m 32 yrs old, making a huge career change from Banking for a fortune 500 company. I’m excited to jump into the world of aviation and someday commercial. Until then I will enjoy the growth and process that this program will bring.

Good luck with your decision Jordin!


Here is another resource for compensation: Each airline lists their pay scale for seat and aircraft.

Training part-time is not available at ATP at this time. While it is possible at most other schools, in my opinion, I would avoid doing that if you can. It always takes longer and costs more than you think. I have seen life get in the way time and time again.

That and new hire training at the airlines is incredibly fast. I have always been a fan of training like an airline pilot from the get go.


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Eduardo, Tory,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post. Your answers have truly helped me muster the courage to take this leap. It’s an incredible blessing to have people who have gone through the same thing as me, encouraging others to follow their dreams, with kind and inspiring words.

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I am bot sure if you are asking if it is possible to do flight training, or to be a pilot part time. Flight training can be done part time, but we REALLY recommend against it. The military and the airlines all train with almost daily flights, the reason is because that way the knowledge can constantly be built upon instead of having to relearn the same thing time after time.

The vast majority of pilot jobs are full time positions.