Advice On My Dream

Hey guys,

       I gotta admit I'm a bit nervous about talking and having a conversation with real airline pilots that have been in the industry with experience and all.  My name is Juan, I'm currently 14 and well a freshman in High School. Since I was like 10 I started having a feeling for flying and exploring the world and help society in a way like you guys do by taking them from one place to another, I even have like my own little notebook with a bunch of "Aviation Definitions/Knowledge" that I've taken notes from some You Tube videos and still do because I believe a person that really wants to become something should always be learning about it. Now the thing is, I know I'm not supposed to give up on my dreams, is just that many people talk about how expensive the pilot career is and well that's not most of the scary part but is just, I feel disoriented, because after High School I don't really know what to do, like I hear "Private Pilot's Certificate" "College" "Flight School" "4 year degree" and is just so confusing and well worrying about my future, I know it won't be easy, but you guys as you have experience this, do you have any specific advice? Please, this will really help. :)


First off I’m sorry but the min age to participate in this forum is 16. I recommended you take a look at the FAQ section as that will answer many of your questions. For now I suggest you work hard and do well in school.