A Year In Recap - 2023

At the conclusion of 2022, as some doors closed, new ones opened going into 2023.

In January, I returned to training at Piedmont after 2 months off. Drove 8 hours to Charlotte for an entire month’s worth of training in March/April. Received my first type rating in my career on April 8th and flew the jet for the first time April 15th after conducting 2 days of observations.

To view a recap and timeline of my training, visit this thread:

Completing my first line check in October, to have someone of experience observe and provide feedback at the end of flight, was extremely helpful.

Returning to Charlotte in November to complete my continuing qualification (CQ) and have great feedback from experienced instructors is exciting.

First time working over the holidays and figuring out holidays was interesting and rewarding.

380 hours of flight time, 51 destinations, 134 landings, 56 different EMB-145LR flown

To say that this job is worth every “blood, sweat and tear,” I LOVE this job. The people I have met, worked with, come in contact with, passengers that I have assisted, laughed with while deadheading and talking with young kids in the back with their parents as they ask “how do planes fly,” or the postflight visitations and photos that get taken of future aviators, the walkarounds asking the ramp agents how their day is or bring treats and share. Words can’t describe enough of the feeling and passion I have for this amazing job. It’s been truly a blessing.

Cheers to 2023. Hello to 2024.



Cool recap,

So what’s up with West Virginia? No love for the Mountain State? CRW is a great overnight, if you can get it.


Unfortunately the only airport I know of that we service in West Virginia is Huntington (HTS). I recognized the area because of Marshall University.