Actual pilot life

Just wondering what the actual experience is like. So I have 2 questions. What do you find as the best part about actually being in the cockpit and flying the plane? Also, what is something you only found out after starting your career that you do not like?


Question one is simple. I get paid really well to do something I would gladly pay to do.

  1. Nothing. Know why? Because I did my research before starting this career and knew exactly what I was getting into.


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  1. The best part is the actual flying. I still get excited to advance the thrust levers and go speeding down the runway. I get just as excited when I have a difficult arrival to approach phase or a tough crosswind landing. It’s just plain fun. Plus when we get back to the gate and I have a big smile on my face, then I remember I’m getting paid to do this… just doesn’t get old.
  2. This wasn’t a surprise but just something you have to experience to really know. Training is tough. You’re distant from your family, you sacrifice a lot both financially and socially and you’re pushed to your limits. Then you finish and you get to reserve and all you want to do is fly but all you get to do is sit at the airport and wait. Some days you get frustrated and think “why am I doing this?” … and then the phone rings and you get a trip and you’re back in the airplane doing the thing you love most. That’s what this is all for. It’s to have a job you are passionate about and one that makes you feel like the sacrifices are worth the payoff. That’s why we do it. It’s still the best job in the world.

Thank you both for your unique perspectives and taking the time to share them!


I still love looking out the window when flying. Seeing the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Rocky Mountains, etc never gets old.

I do wish that I had moved to live near a base when I was hired at the airlines. At this point, I have cemented my roots and am a lifetime commuter. If I lived in base, I would have far more time at home.



Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time share your experience.

Of course, that’s what we’re here for! Let us know if you have any other questions.