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Hi Seniors and Mentors!
I am new in this forum. Its my just second post. I am an Aerospace Engineer and 25 years old. I moved to Michigan (US) two months ago. I want to persue my career in flying because i have keen interest in flying. So, for flying, i will have to move to any other state like Florida, dakota or Illinois because weather conditions of Michigan are not so favourable for the whole year. I have alot of queries and ambiguities in my mind about flying career in US. I went through the FAQs but still i have some questions.
1. How much the total time period is required for the ATP training till becoming the pilot?
2. I want to clarify that there are two types of loans on ATP website. If in case im accepted for financing, it will also include the time period of instructing? I mean to ask that after 8 months, i will be able to instruct the students and would be on the track of completing the 1500hrs rule of FAA after that i will be eligible to apply for an airline, so my financing will also cover this period of time or not?
3. And just in case it covers, then it will also give the housing or not? But if it not covers, then what will be the scenario for housing and living expenses during instructing time period? I was reading on this forum that the paychecks during instructing are so less then what people do for their housing and living expenses? And how can we pay back the loan with that less amount of paychecks?
4. If i work hard during instructing, can i also save money or not?
Im so much worried about these things that how can i afford my livimg expenses and housing and the burden of loan. Any comments or answers to my these type of basic n silly questions would be highly appreciated.
Thank u so much guys,
Noman Arshad


First I want to suggest you spend some time on ATP’s website as there’s answers to many of your questions: But on to your questions:

  1. You mention 8 mos for training (it’s actually 9) I’m going to assume you mean a pilot for a Regional airline since after completing your training you will be a pilot. Typically it’s a year to 1.5yrs to build the required 1500hrs.

  2. ATP offers financing from 2 lenders (you’re obviously free to pursue your own financing). When you’re instructing you’re getting paid so I’m not sure what you mean when you ask will the financing “cover the time period instructing?”.

  3. Housing is not included but many students take out additional funds to cover it. If you accept a conditional letter of employment you would be eligible for Tuition Reimbursement which helps start paying for the loan. As for whether instructor pay will cover your expenses that obviously depends on your expenses. I did fine.

  4. Again that depends on you and your expenses but honestly I wouldn’t count on saving much if any money during that time.

I can’t help but notice you’re English is very rough. Are you a citizen or do you have permanent resident status? If not you will not be able to work as a pilot in this country until you do (including instructing). If you are I STRONGLY recommend you work on your language skills. English language proficiency is a requirement for ALL pilot licenses.


Hi Adam!
Mainly i am talking about that period of time during which i can able to do the job of instructor. Yeah i am a permanent resident and its just been hardly two months here. I am also working on english language proficiency and planning to have some english language classes.
My core question is just that i will be able to start paying back my loan during instructor’s job or not? And how can i afford my housing and living expenses during instructor job? Is this time period included in financing or not?
Hope you will understand now. And extremely sorry for the upper post because i wasn’t feeling well at that time

Noman Arshad


Any CFI that has a loan starts paying it back while they are flight instructing. Flight instructors afford their housing and living expenses out of their flight instructor pay.


Are their salaries enough to pay all these expenses(housing,living expenses,paying back of loan)? As far as i came to know, by reading different posts here, that CFIs pay checks are not enough to afford all these expenses. What do u say on this?


You keep talking about “expenses” like it’s a fixed cost. Your expenses are YOUR expenses and AGAIN I have no clue what those are. Some people have many, some have less, some have none. As Chris said most instructors have no issues but obviously some do. I know airline Capts who make $400k a year and are in debt.


Thank you very much Adam and Chris. I appreciate you guys. I am 99% done with my questions. Thanks alot

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help.