Advantages for foreign students getting their CPL license from ATP

So I’m considering getting my CPL in ATP. Though I’m not a U.S. Resident, is there a better chance to work as an F.I. in ATP and/or in a U.S. Airline, if I got my training in ATP?

I’ve gone through the site and it is in my understanding that first, I need to check pre qualifications for PPL holders. And I must pay $1,400 for a student visa application. Correct?

I’ve flown 50+00 hours only. Can I just fly additional 10+00 hours more to meet the 60+00 hour requirement on a tourist visa?

I’m currently on vacation in California. But also hoping to get information on flight schools here in the U.S.

Unfortunately ATP does not offer CFI training right now to our international students…

As far as flying in the US, you would be able to fly, but you can not receive any flight instruction unless you are on a student visa.

Finally, on this list of answers you probably were not hoping for, the airlines in the US only hire US citizens or permanent residents…

U.S. Airlines don’t accept foreign applicants even with a working visa? Damn.

What’s the advantage then of training at ATP?



A few things here.

You do not need to enter the program with a private license, if you have a Private (and meet some other qualifications) you can enter the program with credit for your private, which will save you several thousand hours. Getting your private is not as simple as just flying ten more hours in the airplane. You need to either come to ATP with a private license, or start the program from the beginning. Of course your previously logged flight time will count toward your total time.

No, US airlines do not hire foreign applicants with just work visas. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to train a new pilot, the airlines want to make sure that you are going to be around for many years to come. BTW, this is standard with how most countries treat US pilot applicants.

The International Career Pilot Program is designed for foreign students who want to come to the US to learn to fly and then return to their home countries to work there. The advantage is that ATP offers one of the most efficient, best proven and cost effective way to train.


Got it! Thanks for clearing that, Chris!

I’m just weighing my options since I also have plans of relocating. Making sure I invest well… :slight_smile:

Oh, another thing… So for foreign students is it just in Florida? Or students can choose from the other states on the list?


Training for foreign students is conducted exclusively at the Daytona Beach location.


Got it! Thanks!

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