Starting ATP with a PPL

I am already a Private Pilot with 72 logged hours. As an ATP student working towards CFII, would they continue where I left off or would I need to go through the entire course?

Hi Dakota,

ATP has a credit private program where you start in your instrument rating if you already have your PPL. The requirements (when I joined a couple months ago) are that you need 78 hours total time and 8 hours PIC Cross Country time. So you will just need to get a few more hours. I believe you can also arrange to do your remaining required hours with ATP, that may be a good exposure to ATP instruction and procedures.

Also the ATP program goes beyond CFII and you will also get Comm Multi and MEI. Check out the link below and select “From Private Pilot”.



As Alex said ATP offers 2 paths, one which includes your PPL training and one that gives credit to those who already have earned theirs. You not being aware of this leads me to believe you really need to do a bit more research.

I highly encourage you to visit ATPs website and also our FAQ section where you’ll find the answer to many common questions.



I entered the program with already having my Private Pilot license. As Alex, mentioned, there are a few criteria you will need to meet, but it is possible to enter the program with credit for your private license, which will of course reduce the cost of your program.