International students future

I am aware that there is no CFI training for international students at ATP flight school, but i was wondering how am i supposed to get the 1500 hours required for the airline transport pilot license.
By taking their international airline career pilot program, i understand that I will finish the training with 255 hours. I don’t think any airline in the world would hire someone with just 255 hours. So I’m confused, that’s why I’m sending this post hoping that you guys know a way that will work for an international student like me.

Another question is about enrollment when you already hold a private pilot license. I saw in this link that if you already have a private pilot license, you can save 3 month and 7500 dollars provided that you meet certain requirements. So i was wondering what those requirements were because it would be really great for me if I could save 3 months :grin:.


ATP no longer accepts international students. I recommend look for other schools that can better serve your needs.


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Hello Chris,

I have a question, why doesn’t ATP no accept international students? They did it some time ago…

So, I’m no US citizen- No US resident, but I’m legally to be in US and also work for an big delivery company. In addition I can get TSA authorization …

Also I know to be hire by regional I must to be US holder, but I would like to be CFI and complete my 1500 until to get my residency and to be hire by regional… any recommendations are welcome…


Chris could probably answer better than I can but I believe there was simply too much demand for instructors and equipment on the domestic side that it simply wasn’t cost efficient to maintain the International program.

Regardless of the reason ATP only accepts US citizens or permanent residents as that’s a requirement to work as a pilot in the US.



Thanks for your response, I understand everything that you said me. In addition, I have been looking for information about that and yes, you have absolute reason and I agree for to be hire like pilot by regional is necessary to be US citizen- US permanent residence. However, I found some sources that explain to be CFI is necessary have work authorization issue by DHS, the FAA and TSA not ask about citizen for this position. My Idea is take flight training and build hours like CFI. So, when will get PR can to be hire like pilot, only I want to move forward.

I know that this topic is complex, but for me choose ATP will be the best option because has partnership with Sallie Mae and could to apply to loan. Everyone know that flight training is so expensive and this is a good opportunity…

I will continue looking for more information

Fly is my dream.


ATP will not be able to accept you as a student until you are a US citizen or US permanent legal resident. These are their requirements and there are no exceptions made.