Advice for highschool students

Hey Pilots! I am Gabriel I am new my question is being currently in highschool what should I like focus on and what can I do in my free time so that transitioning to ATP and later on being a pilot be easier.Thankyou


The answer is the same for most future careers. Do well in HS and continue on to college. The flight training will come later.



What Adam said!! Plus fly when you can… just fun discovery flights to keep exploring the field and learning.



I would use your remaining time in high school to work on your punctuation and grammar. How one portrays themselves in written form matters very much when applying to the airlines (or any other job for that matter). You have room for significant improvement in these areas.



Work hard and excel in your primary studies, but also have fun… join a few clubs, play some sports, and just enjoy the time. You could look into your local airport and see if they have any flying clubs and/or Civil Air Patrol to join. Once you graduate high school, check into a college, start furthering your education and enjoy the journey.


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