Age and career change

I am approaching 50 and looking at a career change. I know the airlines force retirement at 65 and I have found Private Pilot companies that cut off at 70. If I got to 1500 hours by the time I am 55 roughly, do you think the airlines would still look at me? Would the schools even look at me as being a Flight Instructor? Looking for your opinion and knowledge on this plus if you know anyone I can talk to, that would be fantastic. Thank you for your time.


First I recommend you take a look at our FAQ section as we answer this in detail as well as many other common questions.

In short though it’s about expectations. Chances are you’ll never make it to a Major but the Regionals wouldn’t mind having you. There are of course other flying jobs, flight instruction, light cargo and maybe some charter. Thing is again if you’re imagining yourself flying a 787 or a G650 to Tokyo that’s probably not going to happen.



There is a detailed post in the FAQ section that deals with his very question. it basically boils down to how far you will need to go in aviation to satisfy your desire to fly. If a regional would make you happy, there is a good chance that you could make it there. A major airline is probably out of the question though. Plenty of people happily stay at the regionals.