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Age requirements

I would like to know us there a age limit cut off. I’m 31 and I’m looking into becoming a pilot


The FAA mandatory retirement age is 65, so you have several decades of flying in front of you if you chose to enter the industry. I have seen many, many pilots start their training at your age and significantly older and have very successful careers.

My only caution would be that seniority drives everything in the airline industry. While you are not too old you are not on the young side either. I would recommend starting your training as soon as possible and finding a school that offers fast track training.


Thank you, I seen APT school in my area I’m going up to it on Mon


Make sure that you call and schedule a tour. If you show up without an appointment there is a very good chance that all available instructors will be either out flying or with students. If you call and set up the tour then you will be guaranteed to have somebody available to show you around.



At 31 you’re not even close to being too old. I started my training at 39 and the industry movement and hiring is no where near as good as it is now. If you started now you could be at a Regional by 33, a Regional Capt by 36-38 and possibly be at a Major airline by 40 (and yes these are realistic numbers). That would give you 25yrs at a Major airline which is 10 years more than I have.


31 better not be too old, because I’ll be starting ATP at almost 33!

Byron and James,

Most of my ground school class at SkyWest were in their 30s and 40s. You guys will be fine.


Ok, thank you