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Air sickness

Hey guys, I’m doing my private currently and I really don’t have many hours, but when I go up, I’m fine for a while and then out of nowhere I get motion sickness. The motion sickness isn’t terrible but it still is annoying and I give up control to the flight instructor. I don’t get motion sickness while flying commercial flights so I was just wondering if this is something that all beginners go through and if I can overcome it.



Many pilots experience some motion sickness, many don’t. It should improve and disappear in time but if it doesn’t you may have an issue. Stick with it and see? I’ve heard the motion sickness wrist bands can help.



Hopefully you will be able to overcome that soon. My gut instinct is that you will be able to, but I would say that if you are still getting sick around the 20 or 30 hour mark you might need to look into some means on controlling it, like a motion sickness wrist band. I am guessing that it is the maneuvers like stalls and steep turns that are causing this, which of course you are not doing when you ride as a passenger in large jets. You will be doing these types of maneuvers for the rest of your career both in small airplanes and in the simulators, so hopefully this calms down soon for you.

I would bet that you will be fine with a few more hours of flight time. Try not to focus on the sick feeling, perhaps that will help.


Alright thanks guys.

Unrelated, but i know as a passenger i feel the downward and upward g effects on takeoff, descent, turns and landing, sometimes it gives me alitte headache, do you feel these as pilots, if so do they effect you when flying the plane


I experienced this on a few of my first flights during training, but they went away after a few flights. Check out the Relief Band for motion sickness, and it may help you get through those flights until you’re used to it. I have one, and it worked great!

Yea it’s pretty much gone now. It just took some time getting used to it. Thanks

Thank you

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I still sometimes feel the sensations that you describe, but rarely. They will get better with time.