Motions Sickness - Can I survive

I’ve discovered that I get motion sick when the other pilot in my plane starts doing maneuvers I get very motion sick sometimes resulting in puking. Sometimes if I take back control it’ll pass. I’m getting a prescription from my doctor that I hope will work but it’s looking like it might not be covered by my insurance so my question is. Are there any pilots that got full on motion sickness when they started and were able to overcome it or found drugs that worked or only had it in certain planes at certain times and can I get a job flying with this potentially affecting me at anytime.

Thank You.


While I never experienced motion sickness myself, I’ve heard its a comment problem for many in the beginning. After some time most (successful) pilots simply get acclimated and it’s no longer an issue. You do have to be careful that any medication it’s prohibited by the FAA. I’ve also heard of pilots using pressure wrist bands that help.


Hey nick123 sorry if this is so late. On my first flight I also got some motion sickness but it wasn’t prevent on my second flight. If you keep flying on a routinely basis your body will eventually start to get used to all the movement.

Also maybe try to drink ginger tea or anything with ginger as it can prevent motion sickness. Also make sure you look outside plenty rather than inside, it may help too.

My friend told me to be well hydrated and not be on an empty stomach. Although this seems counter intuitive, I took his advice and I was fine when we went up in a 172 and did some zero g maneuvers and climbs. I think it’s something that you may be able to overcome you just have to train your brain to get used to it.