Airline Cultures/Random Questions

I was curious if any current pilots or anyone based on other experience could speak to the culture at different airlines, more looking to the majors/legacies. I know this is a very broad topic, I’ve been doing some reading online elsewhere on the subject just wanted to see what the folks here had to say!

Also two unrelated questions I cannot find a good answer for online, and this may differ from airline to airline too, so I guess if someone could answer in general or specific to theirs.

Do airlines offer relocation assistance to your domicile, or due to you receiving the ability to commute and are not required to live anywhere, that is on you? I understand there are bonuses and what you do with that is your discretion, I am speaking specifically to relocation assistance.

Is there paternal leave (paid or unpaid) offered when your wife has a child?

Thanks anyone who can answer!


The cultures do vary from airline to airline to some degree but in many cases the differences are subtle and often its more of a perceived thing. Further you’ll find the culture can vary considerably within any airline at different bases. In short if/when you’re ready it’s best to speak with pilots at the airlines you’re interested in and get a feel directly from them vs how others see it.

Where you live is entirely up to you as is the decision to commute or not. The only time an airline may (depends on the contract) pay for your move is if it’s an involuntary displacement which is rare. Other than that an moving or relocation costs are on you.

Some airlines offer paternity leave, others do not. For some it’s contractual, for others it’s a matter of following their state’s laws (that being the airlines location, not yours).



I have worked for two major airlines, both Continental and then via merger, United. I can tell you that the corporate culture at United is far superior to what we had at Continental. We have much more management support here, whereas at Continental it sometimes felt like management was doing anything but support the pilots.

I am not aware of any airlines that have relocation assistance packages.

At my airline, we can take FMLA when a child is born, so it is unpaid, but you can use sick and vacation time.


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From a regional stand point, the culture varies dramatically from airline to airline. A lot of that has to do with work rules and pay. Where most of the pilots aren’t happy, the culture tends to be dragged down.

I went to Skywest mostly for the positive culture. As pilots we were treated fairly, had great training, fun routes and most people loved their job and were grateful for it.


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