Airline reimbursement program

I am wondering about the airline reimbursement program. If I graduate from ASU Mesa Campus, and I would like to get my ATP certification here, after I complete my course am I eligible for the tuition reimbursement and could I could hired by a regional airline?


The Tuition Reimbursement is only available to ATP grads who are actively instructing for ATP. As for your ATP certificate if you plan to fly for a Regional after you reach your 1500hrs the airline will train you for it as part of your new hire training.


Is an ATP certification needed to fly for a regional airline? After I graduate from ASU should I contact the airline that I would like to work for? Thank you


Yes an ATP certificate (or an R-ATP) is required to fly for ANY Part 121 airline in the US (including Regionals) BUT, as I said above, the airline that hires you will train you for your ATP certificate as part of you new hire training.

You can contact them but in all likelihood they’ll say “thank you for calling, call us back when you have the required time”. Now on a positive note IF you graduate from ASU with a 4yr aviation degree AND did your flight training as part of that degree you’d be eligible for an R-ATP with only 1,000hrs. But I assume you know that already?


What would be my best path to go after graduating from ASU? if I don’t have 1,000 hours what should I do?


Your best path to 1,000 hours is via flight instructing. If you think your path is to go to ASU, I would speak directly to them about where most of their CFIs end up instructing.

There are other flying jobs out there for low time pilots, but the vast majority instruct.


I talked to ASU. most pilots end up instructing at ATP. If I go that route which is, going to ASU 2 (2 year college) graduating and instructing at ATP, am I then eligible for the ATP regional airline reimbursement?



ASU aviation program manager

Nicholas, I was asking ATP Admin to chime in.


Adam already told you that Tuition Reimbursement is available for active
CFIs that are teaching for ATP.


So just to clafiify, I can transfer to ATP to become an instructor, and be eligible for the tuition reimbursement program? Thank you so much for answering all my ongoing questions

If you go through the ASU program, you are not guaranteed a CFI position with ATP. If you do end up instructing with ATP, you will be able to participate in the Tuition Reimbursement program.


Nicholas - Chris is correct if you complete the ASU flight program and are hired by ATP Flight School to instruct you will be eligible for Tuition Reimbursement and transition to your chosen airline at R-ATP mins.

An R-ATP is only 1,000 flight hours needed before getting hired by a regional?

In addition, will ATP give you a place to stay while instructing?

Thank you, Nic

That is correct.


ATP does offer discounted housing at the rate of $350 per month for CFIs. It is shared bedroom, with no lease required.


I’m sorry for asking all of these questions, and I hope this is the last one, but if I completed all my hours, and I wanted to apply to Horizon air, how would that work if their crew bases are in the Northwest and my ATP center is in Mesa, Arizona?

Hey Nick,

Once you complete your hours as a flight instructor at ATP, you will go off to flight training with your regional airline. Then they will send you to one of their bases to fly out of. The fact that you instruct in Mesa, AZ will not affect anything regarding the regionals unless you wish to stay in Mesa. If that’s the case, then you would have to commute to your airline’s base or choose an airline with a base where you want to live.

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