Airline Reimbursement Program or sponsorship

Good afternoon.
Has anyone received tuition reimbursement or a sponsorship from an airline? If so, how do you do this?


MANY people have received Tuition Reimbursement over the past few years since it was introduced. It varies by airline but basically AFTER you’re done with your training and have started building time you’ll have the opportunity to interview with the Regionals of your choice. If they like what they see you may be offered conditional employment and have the opportunity to accept Tuition Reimbursement.

Take a look at the Student Experience section for more details from current students and grads.



As Adam mentioned, tuition reimbursement varies airline to airline. You will have to interview for the airline of choice, given a conditional job offer and then accept/deny what is proposed. Most if not, all airlines will provide a stipend of X amount of $ per flight hour that is accrued, generally monthly, paid out monthly. Once you accept tuition reimbursement it is your due diligence if you decide to withdraw from your offer to pay back the full amount. I received tuition reimbursement, if offered a CJO, will sign a contract that states you will fly for that airline upon reaching the required hours or you owe back the funds they had given in a certain time period.

You may also find more direct information regarding tuition reimbursement for specific airlines that are partners of ATP here:


Thank you so much Adam! I’ve just recently had endeavors to become a pilot and received my class 1. Now I’m just debating which flight school to choose and how to pay for it, so your answer helps

Thanks to you as well Brady


Glad to help. Do your research but a few fun facts to consider.

ATP pioneered airline partnerships and long before the pilot shortage ATP grads were getting preferential interviews and reduced minimums (before the 1500hr rule).

ATP has been successfully training pilots for airline careers for over 35 years.

Over 1200 ATP grads were hired by the airlines in the last 12mos alone.