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Hi! I’m proud to say that I will be starting April 3rd and was wondering what other airlines, if any, are like Silver Airways? What I mean is being home every night for family purposes? thanks


Any airline of any size is going to have overnights, lot of them. The nature of the business is that we fly to far away places and often that requires spending the night. There are trips at the airlines that are single day trips, but they are not the majority.

That is great news on your start date, keep us up to date as you go through the program, please.



As Chris said there are very few carriers that will have you home every night. If they do offer those trips they generally go VERY senior (you’re not the only one who would like to be home every night). Other than Silver, Cape Air is the only one that comes to mind unless you go to the Caribbean and do some island hoping.


I’ve think that Allegiant is also similar in that it usually has one-day trips. But I am not sure as it was just something I heard a long time ago, worth checking though.