Short haul airlines


I am interested working In the airline industry as a pilot. However, I would prefer to get back home to my bed every day. In other words, I would prefer to be a short haul airline pilot. What airlines could I join? Also, are all regional airline (envoy/jazz airlines) short haul airlines?


Very few airlines have trips where you’re home every night. I fly for Hawaiian where we are but unless you want to move to Hawaii I’m not aware of any others.
It’s simply not efficient. Most airlines have trips between 2-4 days (including the Regionals). As with everything at the airlines, who gets those trips is based on seniority and in general short trips go senior.

What that means is while you can be away less the chances of being home every night really doesn’t happen at the airlines and it could take a while before you are able to get those trips.



If you want to be a pilot, you need to give up on the idea of being at home every night. Pilots, by definition, fly to far away places and that means nights on the road. Regional pilots spend the nights on the road just as much as major airline pilots do. Those 5:30 am departures are staffed by people that spent the night in that town the night prior. This is simply not the job to be in if you want to be home every night.


Allegiant would be an option - they are a domestic carrier whose pilots are home every night. But what if you never get a job with these very few carriers? Would you be okay with ending up somewhere else requiring you to have overnights away from home? If not, then I’d look into a standard 9-5.

Do they really go home every night? That is kinda cool

Oh that’s cool

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I would have to agree with those above. If you want to become a Commercial Pilot, I didn’t think being home every night was something you though about. Not at Part 121 Airlines anyway (except for Allegiant and Hawaiian as noted above) but Part 135 operations may get you home every night, maybe. I am not 100% sure, but anyone is welcome to elaborate on that and correct me if I am wrong.