All Written Exams Complete - March 13 2023 Start


As Adam said, the PHAK is great and should be read, but following the study guide strategies of Q & A’s, that is what will help you complete them in a more proficient and resourceful time. You will have plenty of time to fully learn everything once you complete the writtens. After you complete the PAR, we all recommend using Sheppard Air for every written thereafter.


Did you find that Sporty’s Study Buddy was sufficient preparation for the PAR? I too studied about 4-5 weeks after completing the ATP Orientation modules. Those modules helped considerably with learning PAR material on Sporty’s. I also took the time to learn most of the math, how to use the plotter, and E6B flight computer and found it made it easier to memorize.

I just took the three practice tests and scored 96, 100, 100; so now I’m paranoid that I might need supplemental study materials because I found the practice tests easy. Maybe I’m just well prepared and ready to take the exam, but wanted to check with you since it looks like you prepped similarly to me and took the exam already.

Let me know when you have a chance if Sporty’s was adequate on its own.

Thank you,
Jaime Gray

@JGray Hey Jaime, the wording of the questions on the real test are literally identical to the questions that you just scored on. I see no reason for you to do anything additional to what you’ve already done. Get your endorsement and knock it out asap, while the information is still as fresh as it could be.

Great job on your practice tests and good luck!

Hi Ryan,
What tips do you have to share? I’ve been reading, listening to the PHAK, King Schools, etc. Seems like there’s just so much information and my retention on some has been great, on others not so much. Should I just be going through Sporty’s questions? Or any other suggestions? Thanks, Kristen

That’s all I did. Get into Sporty’s and just start seeing questions. There’s about 1100 of them if I remember right. They are literally word for word, answer for answer, the same questions you’re going to see on the real thing.


You are the best. Been cranking them out now.

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