ATP Written Exams

Hi all,

I was wondering what the process was in regards to written exams. I have read some forums saying that you should complete all written exams before you begin your flight training. Is this true? If so, is this what you do between the time you get your start date and your actual first day of training?




We always recommend completing as many of the writtens as you can. Depending on when you sign up sure there could be enough time in between but if you wait till the last minute to enroll you won’t . All writtens expire after 2 yrs so the main thing is not to take them too early, other that that it’s entirely up to you.


Thanks Adam. Just curious, how long would you recommend a student take to study and take all of their written exams?


That depends entirely on you, how fast you absorb things, how hard you work etc. I’ve studied 2 weeks for my Instrument and a day for my ATP. Take a look at Sporty’s Study Buddy for the PPL. Go through it a few times and get a feel for the material. How long it takes you for that one will give you a good idea of how long you’ll need for each.


As far as studying and taking the written exams, is this something that I need to do independently or something that ATP will help me with? Thanks again for the help.


Once you sign up for ATP and put your deposit down, they will provide you with the material needed to study for and pass your written exams.

I would strongly encourage you to make sure that you get at least a 90%, and preferably higher, on each exam.