Application Process

Passed the medical today. Financing application in the works and hope to hear something soon!

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I’m 1 step behind you. Where are you training?! Im excited as hell.

Good work. Thanks for the update.

Chicago! You?

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Just got the official nod, I am enrolled in the January class in Chicago.

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That is great news! Please keep us up to date as you go through the program.

Will do, Chris. I plan on documenting it via YouTube similarly to Ryan Huber. I was an instructor / trainer in my previous employment and I am excited that people can hopefully learn something through my experience.

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Have you made any videos yet? Would love to see some videos on what to expect and how things are going, just a overview.

Hey Zach,

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do that, but I’d be more than willing to discuss anything you’d like with you. I’m about a month shy of my private checkride.


How was training during the winter months leading up to your private checkride? I am in Minnesota and thought about the Chicago location, but I thought I would go somewhere warmer. Any input you have regarding the Chicago location would be helpful. Thank you.


I did not train in Chicago, but I did train at a former location in the Washington DC area and fly into Chicago regularly. Winter can bring some brutal storms with it, but it can also bring some gorgeous clear days that are great for flight training. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.



Winter can be tough here in Chicago, no doubt. Each location battles unique factors, and weather in the Windy City is no joke. I started in January and the first month or two were very slow going. Now that summer has kicked in, we fly here in Chicago as much, if not more, than most ATP locations.


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Please do that.