Article: State of the Airline Industry


Great article Chris. No one in history has ever won a trade war. President Trump may think so, but history says otherwise. There is always a cost to both sides. This can have a major impact on aircraft production if the trade-war intensifies. Not to mention the ever increasing debt across the globe, but that’s an even bigger can of worms to open and discuss.

Another wild card this article brings up is oil production. Given the current rising tensions in the Middle East against the US this may cause some fluctuations in oil prices, but we have access to fuel sources here in the U.S. that could last us well over 200 years.

One thing for certain is that there will always be a need for air travel in this globalized world which in turn will require pilots. Might as well get in the industry now while things are still good from my perspective.

Previous administrations have let foreign governments trample all over our industry, there is nothing wrong with standing up for ourselves.

For decades, almost no US carrier could fly into Heathrow but were instead relegated to the much less desirable Gatwick, while British Airways could fly into any US airport. If some administration had told BA they could only fly into South Bend, Indiana and not ORD, or ACY instead of JFK, I guarantee you that nonsense would have ended much earlier. Nobody stood up to them and they took advantage of us for decades.

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Agreed, we need to take a stand commerce wise among the globe. We’ve been all too kind to put it lightly to other nations while we’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

I wonder how NextGen will affect the industry in the years to come.