Positive Aviation Industry News

ATP recently sent out a blast mail with the following information in it. I personally was glad to see some good news and that the tide is starting to turn back in our favor:

On May 28, Southwest Airlines announced a plan to resume a full schedule by the end of this year, in addition to adding 11 new routes in November! Read the great news on thepointsguy.com.

Today, June 3, Envoy Air is returning to service all of their previously parked Embraer 145 and 175 aircraft. Read the full story on simplefying.com.

In July, United Airlines will build back its route map and resume more flying, including returning to 11 long-haul cities in Asia, Europe and South America. Read more on thepointsguy.com.

More locally, ATP needs instructors and indoctrination classes have resumed. The second class started this week and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome these recent graduates. Eight new instructors per week are already scheduled through July with no plans to slow down after that.

Long-Term Outlook

The recent news supports industry-expert Kit Darby’s analysis that historically after downturns, flying shifts from major airlines to regional airlines. Furthermore, Kit predicts that pilot hiring will recover to 70-80% of previous levels in one year or less.

Watch ATP’s Ride Report with Kit Darby on the airline industry recovery after COVID-19 »

As airlines resume normal operations and hiring, you are doing exactly what you need to do now to position yourself at the front of the next hiring wave. The pilots who have not yet started their training will be behind you in line, and you will be their captain.


Thanks for the update Chris…

Honestly this whole virus thing taught me a lot. I used to hear y’all say phrases like, “Nothing is guaranteed,” and “This industry is volatile,” and it was kinda sounding cliche to me. Its not that I didn’t believe y’all or nothing but I think that I was drinking the almighty pilot shortage koolaid and honestly couldn’t see a downturn coming because all I heard about was the pilot shortage and air travel demand at an all-time high. Funny thing is one of my personal mentours said that something was going to happen in the next 3-4 years but like I said before, I just couldn’t imagine it especially since I’ve never seen the cyclic characteristics of this industry. This situation further reinforces how things can change so drastically in a matter of a month and how important having a backup plan, another way of financial gain, or just simply living inside of your means and not buying a posrche as soon as you land that mainline job (I’m REALLY cheap so I already practice this principle, my friends make fun of me :sweat_smile:.) Anyways sorry for the long post but just thought I’d think out loud/share what I learned. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thanks for sharing your insights on this.