Aspiring 16 Year Old Pilot

Hey Guys!

I’m currently a 16 year old student in High School. I am a rising sophomore (10th grade). I have loved airplanes for the past three years. Ever since I flew on a 767 to LHR from EWR I have been tracking planes and learning all about them. I have only taken one flight lesson but I’m looking to become a commercial airline pilot. I’m wondering what I should do now in order to simplify the process later or get a head start. Also, does it matter what University I attend, or what I choose to major in? I like to think I have decent grades at the moment. All A’s and B’s. I believe my current unweighted GPA is a 3.76. Thank you guys for any help!


Please take a look at the FAQ section as we cover this and many subjects that are certain to clarify things some. After you’re welcome to come back and ask more specific questions.


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