ATP CFI academy

Hey guys I’m on my 4th day at ATP cfi location in Jacksonville. The 2 weeks of ground prior are now on Zoom. I got my ground endorsement and now working on location learning to teach and fly in the right seat.
I have had 2/3 right seat landing and maneuver flights. They have not been very good. I have not flown in a month when I took my commercial check ride. The airspace is a lot different and busier than my KC location. I don’t see how I can get proficient again without considerable more time that ATP just doesn’t plan for.
I’m also not 100% committed to being a CFI and what is expected from me in such a short time is not making me any more motivated.
If any of you have been or are in this situation please reach out and tell me how you got through or what was your plan b. I know CFI at ATP especially is not for everyone.
Thanks love the support on this forum.


Using my Psych 101 class experience I would argue this is part of the problem. If you were committed and accepted this is an important big step in your career progression I believe you’d buckle down and do whatever is necessary to be successful (aka failure isn’t an option). Also no matter what path you take, you’re going to need to get used to new and busy airspace. While the clearances might come faster, it’s really not that different.

If you don’t become a CFI, what are your plans to build time?



CFI Academy ground has been virtual since 2020 when I was a student, 2 weeks of virtual learning on Zoom, then in person flying which can take a week or two until your endorsed.

I got an eyebrow raised as I - Eeeeek:

I must say, being a CFI has probably taught me one of the most important things in aviation - A Good Pilot is Always Learning. There is sooo much that can be learned from teaching others and improving one’s skill. I’m not saying you have developed a hazardous attitude, but by saying “what is expected from me in such a short time is not making me any more motivated “ does not show a lot of maturity on your part. It seems you are giving up? Everyone is different, but I know when I had short time to do things I found it a challenge with a greater reward after completing.