ATP CFI pay rate

Hi how much do ATP CFI make a month and how often do they work ?

ATP instructors work full-time 5-7 days a week.



Great news, I went to check ATP’s website and it seems instructors have received a pay raise! All pay information can be found through the link:


I replied around Christmas time to another thread inquiring about pay, granted this was old information, newer pay scales are out and airline tuition reimbursement could have changed:



Your linked post says you averaged at $25.50/flt hr, but the new link says $20.70/flt hr? Could you explain the discrepancy?



Fees are broken down by what event is being conduct. For a flight being conducted, the CFI will make the flight hour plus half hour of ground per hour of flight (ground is paid at standard rate of 0.5 hour of ground per 1.0 hour of flight). If we did the math, $20.70 + $8.75, we get an total of $29.325. If an instructor conducts a sim lesson (AATD event), they receive $17.25/AATD Hour.

There are other incentives which you can see on the screenshot that instructors receive on checkride success and 1st time pass for their students. And as always, there are other incentives like tuition reimbursement and sign-on bonuses through partnered airlines while being an instructor at ATP. Furthermore as you may explore more opportunities with ATP, positions such as Lead Instructor, Regional Standards, etc. offer monetary incentives per month as well for more responsibility and tasks.