ATP fast track program academic requirements

This is Ali
i am a current college student finishing my associates degree in Texas to get into Fast Track Program in Dec 2019 or Jan 2020. I know ATP requires 60+ college credit hours or AA degree to be eligible for the program but my main confusion is that do they also Require certain GPA requirement for the degree or they just want 60+ credit hours or degree with any GPA.
I am mainly asking this question because most universities also require certain GPA to enroll in there classes. so was concerned if ATP also require any GPA as well or not, as my GPA is average.
I will be thank full to you all if someone can clarify me on this matter.


ATP simply requires the credits, there is no GPA requirement. However, MANY airlines do have min GPA requirements so you might want to work on that. Further ATPs accelerated training program can make college seem like kindergarten and requires a tremendous amount of study and discipline.

Something you might want to think about.


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thanks a lot for the reply. I am all hands down for the fast track program after my degree for the next 9 months. looking forward to it.\

Thank You


I am not aware of any GPA requirement, but the admissions department always has final say on such things.


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