ATP homework


I am getting close to enrolling for the ATP career pilot course. I was wondering if I would have time for a part time job at nights or on the weekend to help with costs. Does anyone have any input on that?



ATP is a highly accelerated program, as such it would be impossible for a student to work while in the program. Plus, your schedule with ATP will vary enough that it wouldn’t be possible to schedule shifts with an employer.
I know it is a tall task financially, but you really need to put yourself in a position to which you can fully dedicate yourself to your flight training.


Hey Chris,
Could you give an example of how a student schedule would look like?

Thank you, Chris. I thought that would be the case. Thank you very much for your response.

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.


Student schedules vary widely based on where one is in the program. Basically though, the day starts in the morning and runs until evening. Depending on what the topic for the day is the student will probably have some ground instruction, then get in the airplane or simulator.

Of course during the cross country phase you will be flying all day.

Keep in mind that students often need to fly at night to meet certain FAA requirements.

In short, it is not a 9-5 classroom type setting, but is dynamic and changes with the phase of the program.


Hi Roxana,
I figure I can share some info as I’m current a student in the beginning phase of the program.

When it comes to scheduling, even tho you can see your events for the week, events are subject change due to a variety of things. Again you will have to treat this like a job to be successful in the program. Meaning commit 8 hours a day (9-5, 8-4, 10-6, and etc). For example, today I didn’t have an event schedule however I still showed up to the training center and worked on some modules, and I was able to get advise from another student on somethings just by being present. The more time you spend at the training facility the more networking you can do, the more things you learn on accident, and etc…

So to sum it all up… I would just devote at least a min 6-8 hours a day at the training center. How that helps.