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ATP Questions?

Hey guys, I’m new and have a few questions,

Housing is not available in my location (Charlotte), so I will need to have my own living arrangements. How much of a detriment is this going to be to my learning? Is it even possible to complete this without the help of the other students day in and day out?

Also, I see that a typical schedule for a student at ATP is Monday-Friday with weekends off. I think that after 9 months I became a CFI, which is a job, but during the 9 months before that I will still have to hold down a job to pay my rent. Will I have time to work, at the end of the weekday or weekends? Does ATP’s rigorous program allow the time to have a job as well?

Thanks for helping out, being a pilot had always been my dream, and I’m just trying to work out all the details to make my dream come true!


Hi Katelyn,

Having your own living arrangements is not an issue. You’ll be spending the majority of your day at the training center. Some days you’ll be in the training center for so long that all you’ll want to do is find a quiet place to unwind.

Unfortunately, working during the program as a student or a CFI will not be possible. Weekends off is not guaranteed. The weekends are used to make up for lost time.

Have you considered selecting a different location that does have student housing available?



I personally am not a fan of group studying, I find it to be distracting and not much help, but many students like it. I am sure that you would be able to meet up with other students at the airport to do any group studying that you needed to do.

You will not be able to work at all during ATP’s program. The program is highly accelerated and will take every minute of your time, including your off time. Also, the schedules can vary widely based on weather.


As the others have said you will not be able to work during training or you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Personally I enjoy and feel I benefit from group study but I’m certain you’ll have opportunities to do so at the training center itself.