ATP instructor guarantee position

Myself and many a few students are peeved that ATP removed the guaranteed instructor position. We applied to ATP because of they advertised the promise of finishing quickly and with a guaranteed job at the end, none of this was true.

You can’t advertise the job as guaranteed and then have stipulations (finishing within a certain time frame and no more then 2 busts). I am considering taking legal action for this blatant lie.

Back again, Michael?

I’m sure if you look over the paperwork you signed there’s language in there that protects ATP against anyone that tries to take legal action against them. Again, ATP is doing their best to adjust to the pandemic. Besides, if you were really taking legal action you would have done it already.

You came on here before to express your concerns. We provided thoughtful responses to which you did not acknowledge. I really have nothing new to say.




The two checkride failures (or less) is not a new requirement and to my knowledge has been around for a very long time. On June 6th, you came on to this website and stated:

“Completed all my ratings at ATP with my MEI rating but was denied the flight instructor job because of three checkride failures. Just to clarify, I’m not shifting the blame here and admit that those three failures were my fault…”

I will be honest, three checkride failures is a lot. I personally would not want to train with a CFI who had so many failures, nor would I want to hand the keys of an airplane to one if I owned and managed a flight school.

There are all sorts of guarantees in life that have stipulations, most of them do. I for one am glad that ATP has those stipulations and I am sure that incoming students are as well.




Since you didn’t mention anything about not finishing quickly I’ll assume you did. Now let’s talk guarantees. A friend of mine bought an outboard motor for his boat. It came with a 2yr guarantee UNLESS you do something really stupid like run it with no water source. Fact is i don’t think I’ve ever seen a guarantee that has no stipulations. Further let’s be honest here, would you want an instructor who was a poor performer? I’m betting you wouldn’t. As for your “legal action” again as long as the conditions are stated (which they are) you have no claim.

Finally I’d like to offer you a novel idea. How about instead of being peeved or seeking legal action, how about you rise to the occasion, do well and EARN that position.



It’s been months since I’ve checked this forum. Glad to see Adam, Chris, and Tory are giving the same, consistent, and well intention wisdom they gave me and other former ATP students in this forum. I think You guys still give some of the best, honest, and concise advice in aviation. You guys rock!



Thank you for the kind words. What are you up to these days? What happened with the King Air job?


Thanks, Chris! The company wasn’t able to bring me up for the interview since MN was closed for two months. They ended up just consolidating the role with local pilots. I’m still instructing full time in Phoenix. I’m super thankful that I still have a job and I’m flying. I’m also doing TW instruction on my days off, which is a cool and new challenge

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@MikeyLam I can tell you the website and paperwork from May 2019 stated you had to finish with your CFI/CFII, be within 120% of the course time (I was in the 6 month program so 7.2 mos) and no more than 2 busts. Anything over was case by case basis. As well as you only had 1 week to accept an offer.

I believe now you must have your MEI, still need to be within 120% time frame and no more than 2 busts.