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Atp question

in atp flight school how do i get my flight hours to be elgible for a job that i can get my 1500 hours with


Flight Instructing is the most common form of time building. The program includes training to receive the CFI, MEI and CFII certificates. A CFI position with ATP is currently not guaranteed because of the pandemic, but preference is given to the highest performing graduates. You can also apply to teach at other flight schools or any other low-time pilot gig, such as aerial photography, pipeline patrol, banner towing, jump pilot, or traffic watch to name a few. The key is to build quality flight time to best prepare you for new hire training at the airlines.



Please visit our FAQ section as we outline the process plus answer many other common questions.


You must first go through ATP as a student. If you finish the program with little to no checkride busts, on time and with great recommendations from your instructors you could be offered a job as a CFI. Then you instruct to get from the 270 hours you finish with to 1500 hours you need for the airlines.