ATP With a Friend

So, I’m planning to attend ATP starting mid next year, once I have the money saved up to get me through the 9 months without a job. Recently after talking to my friend about my plans, he has been thinking about going through with flight school as well.

I had a couple of questions about that, first of all, if it is possible to request to bunk with someone else if you go in at the same time. And second, if it is possible to request to fly together during the times where you fly with other students(Assuming that we keep up the same training time as each other)?

Thank you for your time,


I recommend contacting Admissions when the time comes and get their word on it.

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You can ask, but there is no guarantee of either of your requests. People often diverge from each other in regards to their training timelines due to a multitude of issues.


Thank you for the responses, that was what I had thought the answers would be, but I thought I would give it a try and see if anyone knew. Just more questions for me to keep in mind for when the time comes for me to sign up.

Thanks again!