Average amount financed, not including housing

Hello all,
I am curious what folks have typically financed for a zero time loan, not including a housing credit/stipend. I am not looking for your rates or payments, just curious on amounts financed. I am looking at all my options, not limited to Sallie Mae/WF.


Hey Madeline,

I’m sure you’re gonna get a lot of different answers here since the cost of the program has changed over the years and there are usually a few options that affect cost (used to be self-paced options, credit for private, etc). I did the 150 day zero time program back in 2013 (with 100 hours multi) and it used to cost $69,995. I took out a loan for $74,995 with SM to also cover living expenses, check ride fees, etc for those 5 months. It ended up being the perfect amount for me. Got a fixed rate with them as well 5.75% with payments of about $600/month with a cosigner. I know you weren’t asking for the last part but might be helpful for others. Good luck in your research!



Around $85k for the 9 month program, not including living expenses and housing.

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Thank you Jordan & Sergey for taking the time to reply.