Average time you spend home with family

As a pilot its understanding you travel. And work 80+ hours a month. Whats the amount of time you get to be home? How does probationary time,PTO and request for vacation work out for you.


I am at home 12-14 days per month. Take a look at the schedules section as it will give you a very good idea of what airline schedules can look like.

Airlines do not have PTO in the sense that you are probably thinking of. We have days working and days off, but no paid days off other than vacation.

Vacation, like everything else in the airlines, is based strictly on seniority. The most senior pilots bids their line first, followed by the next and so on. Senior pilots tend to take vacation around the holidays and summer, while the very junior pilots get vacation time in the fall and winter.



As Chris said, much of this is based on seniority. All airlines have a contractual minimum days off (usually around 12). When you’re new you should figure on being gone the rest (so 18 days to start) and then as you gain seniority you’ll gain the ability to get more days off.


Thank you. Please help me find the schedule section


Throughout your career as a pilot where did you most enjoy visiting

San Diego and Salt Lake City in the US. Dublin and Rome in Europe.

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