Bad Timing

To the pilots on here, I need your help. My start date is coming up quickly within 3 weeks. ATP has removed the guaranteed flight instructor position and airlines are removing tuition reimbursement (from what i’ve heard). Would I be digging my financial grave if I continue on? I understand there is a pandemic going on, but my start date was scheduled way before the cases of COVID have gone off the rails. Any suggestions? I’m starting to worry myself.


We’ve been getting this question quite a bit lately and we understand the uncertainty is concerning. Take a look at something I wrote just last evening on the subject:



There are still flying jobs out there, especially in the part 135 world (charter). People are still flying, especially the wealthy. Many charter operators have been doing record business during these times. Even if your goal is to one day be an airline pilot, entering the industry as a charter pilot is a great way to gain experience and can lead to some pretty decently paying jobs.


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