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I am 26 and have a Bachelors and an MBA and have been working in the private sector but I just feel like I’m not doing what I love and am seeking a new career path. I have always had an interest in flying and love to travel but I just never highly pursued the possibility until after doing research you can finance your training through ATP. I’ve read into the pilot shortage a lot and seen stuff about the starting pay at an all time high. Just wondering from pilots in the industry if you would venture to guess barring something unexpected (another Covid type event, etc) that it will still be very probable to find a job at an airline in 2- 2.5 years (early April start date) when I would hopefully be complete with the ATP program and 1500 hours?


While the pilot shortage is forecasted to continue through the end of the decade, none of us have crystal balls and if you’re looking for guarantees, there are none.

The good news is Chris and I started before there was any shortage (when you were fortunate to just get an interview, salaries were a fraction of what they are now and there were no bonuses or rapid advancement) and we both did well through hard work and perseverance. If the only reason your pursuing this career now is because you believe it will be easy and you’ll have a guaranteed path I recommend you seriously reconsider because again there is none, other than this is the single best time in history there’s ever been to fly.


Thank you for your response Adam. I’ve put a lot of thought into this and wouldn’t be considering walking away from the guaranteed income and going into debt if I hadn’t for this. Just wanted an opinion of what some outside perspectives were as I have talked with a family friend (Delta) and a friend who was just hired at a regional within the last few months and you echoed what they said so that’s a good sign. I have my 1st class medical scheduled for early next week and currently working with both Sallie Mae and Meritize on financing. If all goes well on that end then I hope to be starting at ATP in late March/ early April as when they said their next class availability is.


People have made a great deal about the pilot shortage, which of course has been a good thing for us as pilots, but there has always been turnover at the airlines. The FAA mandates that we as pilots retire no later than age 65, so every year, pilots retire. This of course drives the need to hire new pilots. In short, there are almost always jobs out there in one form or another. Will the days of going straight to Delta in three years last? Maybe or maybe not, but there will be jobs for those who work hard and apply themselves.


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Thank you for your insight Chris! I have my 1st Class Medical scheduled for next Monday and have also been pre-approved for financing which has allowed me to schedule my Admission’s flight (next Saturday). Hopefully all goes well and I will be able to start my journey at ATP in early April!

Please let us know how it goes and how we cane of further help.