Basic questions to ask before starting my pilot journey

I am just now starting a pilot career at 25 years of age and I wanted to see if having a fear of heights or being a bit overweight will affect my career? I have flown in planes commercially all over and it never bothered me as a passenger, in fact i absolutely loved it, but is there a difference in being a passenger and flying the plane when it comes to that fear? Askign for those who do fly and do have a small fear of heights. And lastly i am 5’9 and 247 (I have lost 10 pounds so far), will this affect my flight career?


We recommend you take an intro flight. You want to make 100% sure it won’t be an issue for you and you decide you love flying from the front (not just the back). I’d imagine if you’re alright as a passenger, that same could probably assumed for the flight deck but you’ll never know unless you give it a try first.

As for your weight, if you’re pursuing training with ATP you will need to stay under 250 pounds for weight and balance limits of the aircraft. However, you will need to keep your health in check throughout your career by obtaining and keeping a First Class Medical. You’ll get an exam once a year until 40 and every 6 months after that. Weight is a correlating trigger to other health problems that could prevent you from keeping a medical. You might want to think about lifestyle changes you could make to help you maintain your medical over the course of your career.



I am not fan of heights myself, like ladders, ropes courses, etc. That being said, I have never been bothered by heights when flying an airplane. Taking an introductory flight would be the next step for you.

Your weight is on the heavier side and that could have long term affects on your career. I would strongly encourage you to continue along your weight loss journey so as to prevent issues along the way.



I would suggest contacting your nearest flight school and doing an introductory flight. If you have an ATP nearby, I would recommend that being included in the list. Sometimes comfortability is key to preventing nerves or that feeling of anxious when you’re doing something new.

The height issue for you is not concerning; whereas, the weight limit for trainer aircraft can be limited due to the weight & balance limitations. I would contact ATP specifically to answer that question if you’re looking to attend ATP. You WILL want to be able to maintain a healthy diet so you can hold a FAA First Class Medical, as you age the duration of medicals decrease which means more regular meetings. I have begun started to workout again now that I’ve been in training, getting together with classmates before class to not only review but lift weights and jog is nice.