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Before ATP

Is there any tests that I need to take before I start in January.


Only if you want to. You can read more about it here

Even if you don’t take all three tests before January, you need to take
them eventually. So, I would get as many out of the way as you can.



Totally up to you but I strongly you bang out as many of the FAA writtens as possible. There are 6 required in total and while they must be completed prior to your checkrides, the information doesn’t really follow the curriculum. Getting some (if not all) out of the way just gives you one less thing to deal with. Again your call.


I would suggest it. I did all of them all the way to FOI before my start date and it has helped me in the program so much.



Thank you for sharing this link. Currently working on my instrument written, I’m starting with my private on February 26th.



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