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Buying Time

Hey everyone,
I was just curious, I came across a Company called Eagle Jet
they offer turbine/135 time for purchase in blocks, does anyone
know anything about these programs, they seem pricey, but is
there a benefit to buying time in this way, would a smaller 135
or other operator value this experience(If one could afford it) I know the
value of the CFI program, but would something of this sort make you a
more attractive candidate with 500-600 hours TT? Any insights to this would be
appreciated, hope everyone out there is doing well, thanks.


If your goal is to work for an airline, this is a complete waste of your time and money. The regional airlines want to see 1,500 hours, period. Anything else is a distraction.


Thanks for the quick response, I was just curious about it as
a option other than flight instructing, as a way to build time, I was wondering
if this could lead to a job at a small carrier at lower time due to the advanced training,
and airline environment flying. Thanks again.


Buying time is never a good idea and is frowned upon by many carriers. It begs the question what would make you shell out money when you could be getting paid to fly? Are you afraid to instruct, couldn’t get a job, or are you looking for shortcuts? None of these sound good in an interview.


Thanks for the input, fair points, I just like to know whats
out there, and keep all options open, If for some reason instructing isn’t
the right fit for me, or getting students/hours is tough, it seemed like a interesting option
getting real life airline type environment training.


Even if instructing does not work out for you, I would stay away from this option. There are other ways of getting hours that pay you, instead of you paying them.