Getting hours

I’m curious as I’m doing research…if I buy a plane for 20k or so can I log my time in that? Just trying to find an extra way to fly more on top of doing some instructing at the flight school


Sure you can I just wouldn’t make that the bulk of your time. Think of it this way, if you were a Regional hiring board would you rather hire the pilot with 1500hrs instructing students (of various skill levels) for their multi, instrument and CPL in a number of different aircraft or the pilot who’s got 1500hrs tooling around the pattern and going for $100 hamburgers in his 172?



You’re getting way too far ahead of yourself, but in theory yes. Word of
advice, I’d take quality over quantity. Flying solo or with friends, though
fun, isn’t the best use of your time. I would do it in moderation. Also,
you could save a lot of money by renting instead of purchasing a plane.


To follow up with what others are saying, buying a $20k plane isn’t like buying a $20k car. There are things like insurance, avionics and maintenance expenses, annuals, etc to worry about. I’m not even talking about $7-9k you’d have to drop to make the $20k plane ADS-B compliant by the upcoming deadline. When I calculated owning vs renting many years ago, I’d have to average 120 hours per month to make ownership worth it. Unless you’re making money with it, such as hauling stuff or people, it’s like a boat. The two happiest days you’ll have in your ownership is the day you bought it and the day you sold it…
Everyone seems to look for a loophole to build time faster… if there was one I’m sure a lot more people would be doing it.
Hey, you can always start a business flying dead old people from Florida to wherever their family wants them buried… Sort of a flying hearse service. I knew someone that did that for a bit. Or you can just instruct… :grin::grin::grin:


Of course, you can log flight time in any airplane that you fly. Although I might be a bit nervous about flying any $20k airplane.