Campus and PPL

1.I was wondering for a ATP campus, how did you pay for living on a campus? (If you lived on one)

  1. If you have a associates degree, will you need to get your PPL before ATP? What will you need before enrolling in ATP besides your medical and exams?

  2. Personally, how challenging was ATP for you? was it challenging? Easy? In your experience

  3. If you don’t have your associates, and got your PPL. Went through ATP, what are the chances of you getting hired onto regionals without a associates?


  1. Yes I lived in the student housing. The loan I took out included additional funds to cover living expenses plus I had some savings.

  2. If you have your Assoc you don’t need your PPL. You have to take an Intro flight if you have no flight experience. FYI, your written exams are not required prior to training but highly recommended. This link will give you whatelse is required:

  3. Different people learn differently. There are many factors including intelligence and work ethic. That said I’ve yet to hear anyone say the training was easy. The program is highly accelerated and requires a tremendous amount of hard work, discipline and self study. Challenging is a good word.

  4. The Regionals don’t require any degree but if you aspire to fly for a Major some day you will need a Bachelors.


Well I am really horrible at math, did you have to do a lot of math or any during your time in ATP?


I wouldn’t say a lot but you do have to do some. When people ask me about math in aviation I give them this as a gauge. A compass has 360deg, you need to be able to figure out the reciprocal (180deg opposite) of any heading (number) on the compass relatively quickly (ie, the reciprocal of 360deg is 180 (and visa versa, 90/270, 121/301, 037/217, etc). If you can do that easily (for any random number) than you’re fine, if not you need to start working on your math.


  1. I took out a bit of extra money to help cover my living expenses.

  2. Generally speaking, no, but the admissions department is always the final word on this.

  3. I found it to be very challenging. Learning to fly airplanes is incredibly complex and takes a lot of work.

  4. Very good, the regionals are not really concerned much at all with the college degree requirement.