Career Change with a few student hours to my name

Hi all! I’m a university graduate (4 year degree) working in a post college job (almost 2 years on that) at almost 25 years old. I’m interested in becoming a pilot for a major airline (I know regional comes first, thats cool and all).

I started taking lessons last year for a PPL at a part 61 school, about 15 ish hours to my name at this point. I only stopped since the cost (no loan, out of pocket) was sucking me dry and I needed to balance some things out. At that time my goal was to just do PPL but the more I thought on my future and career options, going the commercial route sounded more appealing to me.

Do my hours I have, albeit not many, help me any?

Lastly, does it matter which ATP location I look into? Are there benefits of some over the others?

yes, the hours you have absolutely help you out. I started my PPL before college but then moved away for school so stopped. I started ATP with about 35 hours and I even logged the intro flight I was required to take with ATP

Logged your intro/discovery fight from your first school or from ATP? My logbook has my intro/discovery flight logged (albeit was a 30 min flight due to availability)


Your flight hours will absolutely help you, they will count towards the 1,500 hour requirement for the airlines.

ATP tries very hard to standardize their locations as much as possible. While locations vary in size, the student to instructor ratio mostly remains the same. I would just pick the location that is most convenient for you and not give it any further thought.


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My intro flight logged from ATP which is required of your not coming in with your Ppl

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You’ll still have to start the program as if you have zero time, but whatever hours you have logged will go towards your total time.

All of ATP’s locations provide the same program. Sure there are differences in airspace, terrain, weather, size, etc., but this is not something to be thought too hard about. ATP offers their numerous locations with the same program for convenience. Just pick the location most convenient for you.



Fantastic! I knew I’d have to start as if I hadn’t but that’s nice they will count to TT for all intents and purposes

And cool! Didn’t know if the presence of ME aircraft meant anything (I didn’t think I was Concord/JQF had any ME)


Your hours are your’s to keep for life. Choose the location that works best for you for whatever reason you choose.


@Adam thanks! I figured they were good for life even if they’re from last year

Now j need to iron out some existing debts before getting this rolling. ATP looks like my best option, their enrollment is rolling right? In other words, not a semester basis like college

Typically they have like 1 start date a month, maybe 2 at busier locations

@JoshuaMcCormick perfect! That’s flexible enough then!