CFI advice needed

Hey guys! I’m looking for a bit of advice. I was in the atp program recently. I have my commercial license with multi/instrument ratings. I deferred my CFI, CFII and MEI. Currently my debt sits around 93k. I am trying to decide between going to a mom n pops for my CFI/CFII or if I should return to atp and finish all of the instructor certs. I have the opportunity to do either, I just wanted to see how some of you would handle this and see your perspective then hopefully use that to help me make the best decision. I would have to pull another loan out for at least 15k(realistically 20-22k) to finish at atp. But I’d be done a lot sooner and I’d get my MEI. Along with that assuming I don’t bust two checkrides I could potentially get a job with atp.

With the mom n pops school they’re quoting me at least 5-8 weeks for my CFI and not sure on the cfii timing but I would have the funds to get those certs through them for around 10-12k(that’s just shooting high and could potentially be done cheaper).

Do you think it’s worth pulling another loan out to finish through atp or would you recommend going to the mom n pops? Keep in mind I would need to payback on a loan through both options. Would love any advice! Thank you.


Yes it costs more but you’re getting an additional rating and you’re getting it done faster. Both have value. I guess my question is why wouldn’t you go back to ATP?


Why did you defer those ratings? I think we need a little bit of context to know why you left without them and what your hesitation is for going back. Of course we think the ATP route will be more efficient in the long run towards getting you towards time building and making an income again.


Hi Hannah, I’m just trying to figure out if the student has to find work as a CFI themselves to get to 1,500 hrs or is it organised through ATP, and if so are you placed into a training location where there is an instructor needed away from your initial training location, sorry if this has already been discussed in the forums. Thanks John.

As a graduate of ATP you are eligible for a CFI job. They will evaluate your performance as a student and if satisfactory, offer you a position and list of available locations. You can wait and hold out for a specific location but it could take time for a spot to open up there.

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Most local flight schools very rarely, if ever. do CFI ratings. I would be hesitant about going down that road with them. I would encourage you to go the ATP way, they are experts on this and will not waste your time.