CFI, CFII question

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I’ve been on here with some questions before, and I have some fairly new changes in life since I last popped in. I have a little one on the way, wife and I are excited, but that brings some questions to my mind. I don’t expect y’all to have the answers, just looking for some thoughts. If this has been covered before, I wasn’t able to find it and I apologize.

I have an interest in going to ATP and finding a career in the airlines. Only hang up is I don’t know if I’ll love it, which I plan on finding out by experience (reading about others experiences’ only goes so far). I DO know I love interacting with and teaching people. And I have a passion to fly. I’m letting my mind run down the rabbit hole and the thought crossed my mind that my question comes from.

If I were to get my CFI, and CFII, instruct for a while with local ma and pa FBO, if and when I go to ATP, would I be able to ‘skip out’ on those sections, and also cut my costs at ATP? That way I can more immediately begin pursuing a career in aviation, rather than sinking 3 years into a factory just to be able to take a smaller loan.
If you’re not sure, would this be an admissions office question?
Thanks much!

If you get your CFI/I why would you go to ATP in the first place? Maybe I just don’t know what your asking but if you get your instructor ratings your basically done with flight school.


Your question doesn’t make sense? ATP is a flight school where you go to train. If you earned your CFI’s elsewhere (and all the rest of your licenses and ratings REQUIRED for your CFI), as Derek said, what would you want from ATP?



If you are asking if skipping out on ATP’s CFI school is an option, then yes, it is. Your reasoning? Not clear.

More immediately pursuing an aviation career? 3 years in a factory? Another loan? I don’t follow.


I apologize for being unclear. It all made sense in my mind early in the morning. I want to pursue a career in aviation, as of this moment, I am currently working in a factory to save money because I want to reduce the amount that I need to finance for training as much as possible. I’m just spitballing ideas at the moment of how to get from point A to B.

Regardless, thanks for chiming in. Believe it or not, your confusion helped answer a question and I was able to find some more answers.

Let us know if there’s anything else you need help with.