CFI Checkride

Hey guys!

Been a while, BUT I’m still alive lol I’d like some advice and the title kinda gives it away on what I want advice in haha

I did my PPL, IFR, and CSEL checkride and didn’t bust any of them. I really want to keep my record spotless, but I also know that the CFI checkride has something like a 87% failure rate on the first try. With that said, I’m doing everything I can to be in the 13% come this Wednesday!

So, with that said, I want to know some tips and tricks I might not have heard of before. Did you guys fail the CFI checkride and if so, what why areas did they get you with?

Thanks again for the consistent help! You two have been nothing short of amazing!

Yuran D.


I did not fail any checkrides. As to the CFI ride, just try to stay calm under pressure. A lot of times that is what the examiner is looking for more than anything.

Other than that, just be as prepared as you can possibly be. I know you were looking for more concrete answers, but there really is no magic key to it.



As Chris said, try as best you can to relax. A guy I know (who was an excellent pilot) busted his CFI because he forgot to remove the chocks before he started taxiing. Something he had never done before. Purely nerves. Know the material extremely well and how you’re going to present it (practice teaching) and if anything is unclear, make sure you clarify.


I think the initial CFI checkride failure statistics are dramatically exaggerated. Here’s a link to an article written by a DPE that shows the national pass rate being near 70%.

Published by AOPA

By best advice is to go in prepared and give the DPE every reason to believe you’re a Profesional, with the mindset that you’re already an instructor. Even simply giving the appearance of being prepared goes a long way. Lesson plans tabbed out, PTS printed and tabbed, etc. Walk in with confidence and expect to succeed!


Find a CFI to give you a mock oral exam. That will give you a baseline. You’ll have a better idea of where you’re at and know what you need to work on.



I finished the checkride and life happened and I totally forgot to update you all!

I passed on my first try and I just kept everything in perspective and stayed calm. My DPE was very fair and wasn’t expecting perfection (which is nice given all the rumors surrounding this checkride).

Already started instructing and working on my CFII training. That checkride should be in a month!

Thanks again for all the help, guys!


Congrats, Yuran! Excellent job.

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Thank you!!

That is awesome, congratulations!!!

Congrats! Going through CFI now and it’s nice to see someone recently make it through

Nice job! Congrats and kudos!



Well done! Any tips besides “stay calm” for everyone behind you?