CFI Job Questions Upon Completion


I know I’m far away from completing my training, but I had a question about becoming a CFI for ATP. I intend to work for ATP once I graduate but I keep hearing that you don’t get to really choose the location for which you will teach at (I know you can put in a transfer request). I was wondering if I wanted to wait for a CFI job to open in Denver, could I work for a small school in the meantime until that opening comes up or would that void the airline tuition reimbursement? The only reason I ask is because I have a mortgage and I wouldn’t be able to move out of state, afford an apartment, and try to pay off loans.

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ATP CFI positions are very much sought after. When you complete your training you’ll be given a list of available locations and hopefully one of those works for you. If it doesn’t you’re free to go where you like but ATP will not be calling you back. Chances are there are others also waiting who might want to transfer. Further its not really fair to that local flight school to “use” them for a short time and then bail.

Long short you either accept a position or you don’t.



If you are offered a CFI position your choice is to take what’s available and have the ability to transfer later, or be put on a waiting list for a specific location. I’ll tell you though, who do you think gets priority on the transfer list, those currently at other locations or the ones waiting for just that one location? I’ve heard people waiting A LONG time to get called for one specific location.

Its in your best interest to take what’s offered to stay in the ATP ecosystem and be eligible for all the many benefits. It’s just like starting at a new airline. You get a junior base and eventually you’ll get closer to home. You don’t have the option to not start unless your preferred base is available.