CFI Rating

I have a question concerning CFI Ratings. I do not wish to instruct other pilots, but if I did not would this hurt my flying career, or do commercial airline interviewers or any other flight job interviewers not care if you have your CFI rating? I have researched some jobs who hire with as low as 250 hours minimum so I was preparing to go into that after I obtain my commercial license, but was curious if I would regret not getting my CFI Rating?


Airlines aren’t really concerned whether you have a CFI or not. They do however care about the “quality” of the time in your logbook, not just the quantity. You are correct that there are jobs out there that will hire low-time pilots. Just make certain these are jobs that will allow you to build “legitimate” flight hours. If you’re flying right seat in an airplane that’s single pilot certified, don’t be surprised if that comes up during an interview. Also if the bulk of your time is throwing bags or raising/lowering the gear, even if the hours get logged you really won’t be getting much experience or building your skills. That said if you can find something good out there then sure go for it. Problem is if you can’t that CFI can really come in handy.