Career Advice for low-hour pilots

Hi all! I am a Canadian citizen training for my ppl in Canada. I am curious as to what the next step would be in after I get the license. Obviously, I have to get the commercial rating as well, but how does one get from 200 hours to 1500 hours? Are there any airlines abroad or here that hire low hour pilots or would one generally have to go the CFI route? Please let me know. Additionally, this is way down the road, but, what would be the best way to get noticed/hired by a major carrier after I get my hours done?


If you are asking about flying in the US, I can tell you that to work as a pilot in this country, you need to be either a US citizen or US permanent legal resident.

For questions about Canadian airlines, I recommend checking with resources in your country as everything from flight training, to the hiring process varies greatly and all of the mentors on here are US based pilots.