Changes to FAA Exam Tests

I’m curious what the mentors think about this. I’m in a few Student Pilot groups and I’ve been seeing concerns about rote memorization becoming obsolete. I didn’t get that from this article but I have heard it brought up in a few different places. If rote memorization goes away, would you still recommend testing prior to starting the ACPP?



I see no reason at all to change our guidance on this. It sounds like the FAA just added some new, non-graded, questions to the exams and cut down on the exorbitant amount of time they allowed for taking the exams. I see no material change to the tests themselves and thus no reason to chance our stance on the matter.


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I’ve taken 8 written exams and used the same method, rote memorization; this seems like the FAA is just adding a few unscored validation questions to the written exam. In fact, it’s only the Private- and Commercial Pilot written exam, none of the others like Instrument and Instructor(s). Also seems like the FAA was more than willing to provide an update of sample questions through the Community Advisory:

I still vote, rote memorization through the exams and learn the knowledge during actual training, both ground and in-flight.


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I’m with the bunch here as well. It just seems like they are “trimming the fat” from the test footprint but there should be no obvious changes for students taking the exam. If anything, less time to take the exam should place more importance on rote memorization.


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Every few years the FAA announces they’re making some changes to the writtens and everyone gets up in arms.

Nothing to see here, move on…